Monday, December 19, 2011

Eric Copeland @ The Knitting Factory (12.2.2011)

Eric Copeland opened for Avey Tare at the Knitting Factory this December.  After not being able to see him for years, we have been lucky enough to catch him live twice in the last two months alone, the last time being at Altered Zones.  His set was identical to the one he played at Altered Zones but was still a treat to see performed live again.

For the most part, the crowd seemed pretty into Eric's set. This was a nice surprise after being stuck in crowds that have not appreciated Black Dice opening for Animal Collective over the years (though Avey's show attracted a different group of AC fans compared to general AC shows).  We recorded the set from the "sweet spot" on the floor with great results.  Enjoy!

Download the full recording HERE (password= twosails)

Set List:
1. Guk
2. Fun Dink Death
3. Doo Doo Run
4. 4
5. Al Anon
6. Zed
7. Lemons
8. FKD
9. 9
10. Puerto Rican



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    1. We didn't, I'm sorry! We weren't all that familiar with him before this show but if he plays any other shows we go to we'll make sure to record for you!

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