Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Young Man @ Mercury Lounge (8.14.2012)

Evan and I first encountered the work of Colin Caulfield and his project Young Man with the release of his 2010 EP Boy. With its catchy guitar melodies and thematic lyrics about childhood,  Boy became an instant favorite of ours.  Colin followed the EP with another stellar release, Ideas of Distance, in 2011.  Ideas was not only a complete departure from Boy stylistically but it also marked the first album in a set of three conceptual full-length records to be made under the Young Man name; Vol. 1 became the second.  Released this past May, Vol. 1 features a full band and some of the most impressive examples of Colin's song writing yet.  This summer, Young Man set out on their first headlining tour and made a stop at Mercury Lounge in New York City.