Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks @ Glasslands (6.17.2013)

Avey Tare announced his new project Slasher Flicks in April. The new band was described in a vivid press release as the result of a group of three hippies falling prey to a murderous, cannibalistic band consisting of Avey himself, Angel Deradoorian, and Jeremy Hyman. After much intrigue and anticipation from the Animal Collective fan base, Slasher Flicks made their surprise debut last week at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore and played their second show ever at Glasslands in Brooklyn.

Slasher Flicks features Avey on vocals and guitar paired with effects pedals, Angel on a Moog and Juno, and Jeremy on drums. Together they created music that can be described as something along the lines of intense swamp horror rock.

Slasher Flicks played all new material with the exception of a full band version of “Oliver Twist” from Down There (none of the unreleased songs from the 2011 tour made an appearance unfortunately). The first song, “Does She” was definitely an eye (and ear) opener. We didn’t know what to expect with Slasher Flicks and opening with chaotic drumming, hectic vocals, and haunting synth and bass lines set the tone for the night. The new songs are pretty wild and heavy, yet underneath the chaos are Avey’s impeccable melodies. “You and Me” showcases that relationship perfectly. “Strange” as the closer was another highlight of the night. It was catchy, punchy, complex, and the crowd went absolutely nuts for it.

Overall the show was terrific and made for a unique listening experience after getting used to Avey primarily on keyboards and other electronics over the past few years.  These new songs sound exactly like something from a band with a name like Slasher Flicks should sound like.  The Slasher Flicks songs are extremely dense and Jeremy’s chaotic style of drumming (reminiscent of Panda Bear’s early drumming) adds an enjoyable level of harshness to the Slasher Flicks sound but may also prove too inaccessible for some.  Nevertheless, these songs are growers. And that’s a really good thing. It will be fun to listen to the material evolve over the tour and hopefully find its way onto a new album.

We recorded the show from the balcony with fantastic results. The vocals and guitar seemed lower than usual at the venue during the show but the recorder seemed to pick everything up just fine. Enjoy!

Download the live recording HERE (password= twosails)

1. Blind Babe
2. Duplex Trip
3. Oliver Twist
4. The Outlaw
5. Your Card
6. [wrong guitar]
7. That, It Won't Grow
8. Roses on the Window
9. Modern Daze E
10. Strange Colores

*UPDATE 6/20/13: The titles for the new songs were taken from a set list on Avey's instagram but are not reflected in the download link (still has the fan made titles)*


  1. thank you for posting the recordings! I've been wanting to listen to them since the show and there hasn't been any news of them releasing anything. the levels are great!

    1. You're welcome! Someone on Collected Animals spoke to Dave after one of the shows and he said that they are planning on writing a few more songs and then recording in August. Hopefully this ends up being the case :)