Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Animal Collective @ Irving Plaza (2.23.2016)

Animal Collective released their eleventh studio album, Painting With, on February 19th. This release marks the very first time that the band recorded and released an album before touring the songs beforehand. Nevertheless, the new songs received their live debut in Philadelphia on the same day as the album's release. After playing a few shows in New England, Animal Collective made their way to New York City for two consecutive shows at Irving Plaza.

As expected when touring a new album, a majority of the set was comprised of tracks from Painting With (in addition to the band's upcoming 7").  However, the evening also saw the return of older songs such as "Loch Raven" and "Daily Routine," and even more unexpectedly, "Bees" and "Alvin Row."

The show was recorded from the center rear floor. Due to our inability to access the balcony (as well as the pretty extreme overcrowding in the venue), the recording isn't the best. But at least there is some documentation, right?

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Vegan

Download HERE

Set List:
1. Golden Gal
2. Spilling Guts
3. Hounds of Bairro
4. Vertical
5. Daily Routine
6. [banter]
7. Bees
8. Lying in the Grass
9. The Burglars
10. Bagels in Kiev
11. On Delay
12. Alvin Row
13. [encore]
14. Recycling
15. Loch Raven
16. FloriDada

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