Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black Dice @ Secret Project Robot (1.15.2011)

Seeing Black Dice live is almost always an amazing experience. The band combines electronic, minimalist, hip hop, punk, and psychedelic influences into its' deafening performances. The new set of music Black Dice has been playing live since the release of 2009's Repo seems to expand on the style laid out by that album rather than reinventing the sound of the band. In a lot of ways, the new set sounds like a leaner, meaner, more hip-hop influenced Black Dice. The set we saw was entirely new songs with the exception of Nite Creme.

As for the concert itself, the band didn't disappoint. The music was as loud and alternately danceable and hypnotic as ever. Non-fans of the band quickly filed out, leaving only those who 'got' the band to enjoy the sounds. This new set of songs is terrific and points to an amazing future album from the band. Download the set to get a hint of what the band has moved on to! 

- Evan

Download the live recording HERE (password=twosails) 

Track List:
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5
6. 6
7. 7
8. Nite Creme
9. 9
10. 10
11. 11

Full Size Photographs HERE

Track 2:


  1. Thanks so much! Are there larger versions of the photos on this blog? Tried clicking a few and nothing happened.

  2. Hi there, I actually thought you'd be able to click them too but I guess not! If you'd like I will put up all of the pictures on a photobucket or something and put a link under the "Check Out" thing on the right.

  3. Posted a link to each separate picture album before the preview in each post...enjoy!

  4. Coolness, looks like a sweet venue.

  5. fuckin loved it. first time i got to see black dice. i think we destroyed part of the venue. no disrespect meant. just aggressive positivity

  6. haha, are you the guys who broke the pipe thing on the right side of the place?

  7. i guess i could try and blame it on black dice