Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Panda Bear "Surfers Hymn" Demo (2008)

Here's another post that is a little out of the ordinary for Two Sails.  We have been given the opportunity to host a link for Panda Bear's demo version of his song "Surfers Hymn" from 2008 given to us by Collected Animals member dirtypants. After years of hearing about how he had an early recorded version of this song, he finally got permission from Noah Lennox himself (through the help of Sonic Boom) to share the early version.  This is what Noah had to say in the email to Sonic Boom:

'surfers hymn was one of the first two songs i did (for tomboy lp) . the other was a very different version of friendship bracelet which at the time was called i want to go with you. i had originally done the surfers hymn recording for a skateboarding video part featuring a friend of mine but the video producers rejected it so it just kind of sat around. i dont mind if people want to share around that version although i wonder where they got it haha.'' 

Additionally, dirtypants provided us with some background information on his involvement with the track:

"In 2008, I got a phone call from a friend who works for Alien Workshop asking if I wanted to hear some new Animal Collective tracks. He got the tracks because he was heavily involved with their 2009 video "Mind Field." I ended up listening to the finished studio versions of In the Flowers, My Girls, Summertime Clothes, Daily Routine and Brother Sport, which were still mostly referred to as Dancer, House, Bearhug, Daily Routine and Brothersport. He then opened a folder that had Surfer's Hymn and mentioned that Noah was going to put an album out the following year featuring that song. 

Almost 3 years later and here we are now! It was really hard to not share this with anyone, but I had to honor my promise so my friend wouldn't lose his job. Hope it was worth the wait!"

This version of "Surfers Hymn" resembles the more minimal version on the ATP 2009 recording.  Enjoy and thanks to everyone involved!

Download "Surfers Hymn" HERE

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  1. is there any way to get this still? the download link is dead.