Friday, April 15, 2011

The Books @ Zankel Hall - Carnegie Hall - NYC (11.13.2010)

The Books released their latest album The Way Out in the summer of 2010, their first release since 2005's Lost and Safe.  I always found The Books to be a rather enticing band; their synthesis of traditional instruments with audio samples makes for a unique and atmospheric musical experience within every track. Cellist Paul de Jong and singer/guitarist Nick Zammuto, along with Gene Back, a multi-instrumentalist added for their live performances, collectively created an environment that was pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Their live show features videos for (almost) every song played.  A number of them evoked laughs and good vibes throughout the duration of the performance but others (such as "We Bought the Flood") were quite haunting.  Nevertheless, the inclusion of visual elements bridges the gap between what is film and what is a musical performance.  It was quite an amazing experience to be apart of.

The Books played a lengthy assortment of songs from The Way Out, The Lemon of Pink, Lost and Safe, along with tracks not featured on any official release of theirs.  Like many live recordings of The Books out there, the sound is a bit quiet.  I had to keep my recorder inside of my bag and on the floor as there was no room on the seat and the hall was strict about photography and recording devices of any kind.

Set List

1. Group Autogenics I
2. I Didn't Know That
3. Tokyo
4. Be Good To Them Always
5. A Cold Freezin' NIght
6. Chain of Missing Links
7. A Short Song About Geese
8. Free Translator
9. 8 Frame
10. Meditation
11. An Owl With Knees
12. Smells Like Content
13. Take Time
14. Encore
15. We Bought The Flood
16. Classy Penguin
17. Cello Song

Chain of Missing Links:

Download the live recording HERE (password=twosails)

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  1. I have some more live Books + a rare video of them live which I'd be happy to share with you'all if your'e interested? :) jon