Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gang Gang Dance @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg (5.4.2011)

Gang Gang Dance has always been a blast to see live.  We caught them at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in January of 2009 and then again opening for Grizzly Bear at Governor's Island in August 2010 (
check out the recording!).  They released their new album Eye Contact this month which leaked a few weeks prior to its release date and was sold a week before its official release at this show.  The mood for the evening was set almost immediately upon arriving outside of the Music Hall of Williamsburg.  Paper lined the street with the phrase "It's Everything Time," a spoken line from the beginning of "Glass Jar," the opening track to Gang Gang Dance's new album Eye Contact.  The sheets of paper also formed a giant GGD on a wall across from the venue.  By the time we arrived at the venue, one of the papers in the second "G" was missing so I'm using a photo taken by Collected Animals member Carradio.

Ghetto Gothic DJs played throughout the night and though their set became a bit samesy after a while (they played from 8-10, and then again before Gang Gang Dance), they were high energy and pretty fun to listen to.  New Moods opened for Gang Gang and personally, I wasn't impressed and neither was Evan.  They were pretty bland and having such anticipation for Gang Gang made their set almost unbearable to wait through.  Regardless, Gang Gang was worth the long wait.
Gang Gang Dance played a number of their more prominent songs off their new album Eye Contact.  Many of the songs featured elongated or even additional endings for the show such as "Adult Goth" and "Mindkilla".  Their revamped "House Jam" from 2008's Saint Dymphna was a nice surprise, as was what we referred to on the recording as "Chinese High Jam," a jammy percussion song that featured the jingle from "Chinese High". And of course  Lizzie was being her adorable and quite hysterical throughout the entire night and you can hear her quirky bits of insight throughout the recording.

To record the show, we placed ourselves directly in front of the soundboard for better clarity and obviously to avoid getting bounced around too much in the crowd.  The recording is definitely one of our best so we hope you enjoy!

Download the live recording HERE (password= twosails)

Set List:

1.  Adult Goth/ Bond
2.  Untitled Drum Jam
3.  House Jam
4.  Chinese High
5.  Chinese High Outro Jam
6.  Glass Jar
7.  Mindkilla/Kou-da-ley
8.  Encore Break
9.  Thru and Thru

**"Bond," usually thought of to be an extended outro for "Adult Goth" has been featured on the Japanese release of Eye Contact as a bonus track.  Additionally, "Kou-da-ley" is another unreleased track that follows "Mindkilla"

Chinese High Jam:


  1. Thank you SO much for your GangGang bootlegs. Their live show is beyond incredible and I had to miss this show sadly. So ecstatic I found this.

    You guys are the greatest. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. You're welcome! Sorry you had to miss this show but I'm psyched that you found us and that you're enjoying the bootlegs :) GGD is one of our favorite bands and anytime they're around we try and catch them