Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deakin @ The New Museum, NY (12.10.2010)

Deakin (Josh Dibb) is the third member of Animal Collective to pursue his own solo career.  Evan and I followed the bootlegs of his solo shows for almost a year prior to seeing him at the New Museum in New York City.  The New Museum provided an intimate setting for the show to take place which was a nice change from the large shows that Animal Collective and even Panda Bear are now known to play.

For his shows, Deakin tends to rotate between playing entirely solo, playing with members of Prince Rama, and being accompanied by Tim Dewitt (formerly of Gang Gang Dance).  Tim Dewitt played alongside Deakin at this show but we did get to see Prince Rama open the show.  They created a unique atmosphere with their music and dance that was both eerie and incredibly enjoyable. The show took place on the lower level of the Museum.  Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed outside of the museum's lobby so the following pictures of the show are screenshots from a youtube video of the set.

At certain times throughout the show, Deakin and Tim experienced technical issues with their instruments.  In a majority of the bootlegs we have of Deakin's shows prior to this date, his set is usually uninterrupted and flows from one song to the next.  There was only one transition during this show and that was from Island Chase into 2Friends.  Regardless, the show was really great.  Deakin played a new song for the first time at this show which is now the song that Animal Collective opens their new sets with.

We recorded the show from the middle of the room and the quality is quite good. Unfortunately we also experienced a minor technical difficulty that night; our SD card ran out of space in the middle of Good House.  With the help of Baby Shoes from Collected Animals and his iPhone recording of the show, Evan did his best to piece together Good House so it was a complete song.  

Download the full recording HERE (password=twosails)

Set List:
1. Own Mind
2. Island Chase
3. 2Friends
4. "Change"
5. Good House

**Note:  "Change" has been played at Animal Collective's 2011 shows and received its name from fans.  It is also found on Deakin's Secret Project Robot recording in a stripped down form.


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