Sunday, October 2, 2011

Panda Bear @ Webster Hall (10.1.2011)

When we saw Panda Bear in July at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, me and Jen had some bad luck. While the show was for the most part excellent (minus some minor feedback issues which could be chalked up to Panda and Sonic Boom playing together for the first time), we had some mishaps with our recorder and the recording was essentially trash. Boo. When we saw that he was doing another show in October, though, we were double psyched. First, it was another chance to hear one of the top albums from 2011 live, and second because we could try to redeem ourselves! I think you'll all be excited to find that we have the first quality audio recording of the Panda Bear/Sonic Boom Tomboy tour.

This show once again featured Tomboy being performed in complete form. Noah and Pete did an amazing job presenting the album in its fullest form, complete with all of the samples and sounds from the album. From the moment the two took the stage and opened with You Can Count On Me till the end of their set with Bros, the entire audience was rapt and mesmerized by the combination of authoritative sounds, trippy visuals (courtesy of Danny Perez), and the atmosphere created by the puffs of fog and laser lights cutting through them. The show felt at times (especially during slow burn songs like Drone and Scheherazade) like an out of body experience. Looking down from the balcony where we were situated, it was amazing to see the entire audience swaying to the pulsing tones. On the other hand, more upbeat songs like Surfers Hymn, Slow Motion, and Alsatian Darn got everyone dancing and moving to the music.

After playing Tomboy in its entirety, PB and SB followed up by playing three choice songs from Person Pitch, Ponytail, Comfy in Nautica, and Bros. The three songs were a perfect encore to an amazing night of music. As Comfy was winding down and seemingly ending the show, it was blissful hearing the trademark owl hoot opening Bros, causing the crowd to erupt. Throughout the night Noah's vocal performance was spot on, the sounds were at times beautiful and overwhelming, often a combination of the two. The set was played without interruption (with the exception of the encore break) and all of the songs were tied together with disorienting, hazy transitions.
I hope you all enjoy the recording as much as we enjoyed the show. Let the waves of sonic bliss wash over you while you listen to a special live performance of one of the best albums of 2011. Please support the artist! Buy Tomboy if you haven't already, or better yet grab the terrific looking box set that comes out in a month, collecting all of the singles, the album, and instrumental/a cappella versions of the songs.

Download the full recording HERE (password=twosails)

Set List:
1. You Can Count On Me
2. Tomboy
3. Slow Motion
4. Surfers Hymn
5. Last Night At The Jetty
6. Drone
7. Alsatian Darn
8. Scheherazade
9. Friendship Bracelet
10. Afterburner
11. Benfica
12. Encore Break
13. Ponytail
14. Comfy in Nautica
15. Bros

Friendship Bracelet:

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  1. Amazing setlist, really wish I was there