Monday, May 19, 2014

Panda Bear @ Warsaw (5.18.2014)

Panda Bear played the Warsaw in Brooklyn as part of his tour previewing music from his upcoming album, the tentatively titled Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. The show featured a bevy of unreleased tracks, visuals created by frequent Animal Collective collaborator Danny Perez, and some nifty lasers.

The new set of songs feels like a decided break from Panda Bear's previous album, Tomboy. While Tomboy focused heavily on layered harmonies, heavy melodies, and effected guitar, the Reaper tracks seem to be a return to the more tropical, Lisbon and sampler based sounds of Person Pitch. The new melodies and break influenced percussion give the set a feel different to his previous albums.

Dam Funk
Panda Bear

We recorded the set in front of the stage left speakers. Though the bass overwhelmed the sound system at Warsaw at various points, the recording came out pretty fantastic. Please note that all of the new song titles are unofficial, with the exception of Principe Real. Enjoy!

Download HERE

Set List:
1. [entrance]
2. "Make Believe"
3. "Day After Day"
4. "Heart and Soul"
5. "Dark Cloud"
6. "Vacuum"
7. "Can't Come Back"
8. "Down Below"
9. "Other Guy"
10. Principe Real
11. "Fill Those Spaces"
12. [encore]
13. Last Night At The Jetty
14. Scheherazade
15. Surfers Hymn

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