Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Black Dice @ The Living Bread (04.07.2012)

Black Dice released their new album Mr. Impossible last month on Ribbon Music.  They debuted what would become the album's material in early 2011, the show at Secret Project Robot being one of the first to showcase the new songs.  They also played a similar set to open for Animal Collective at Prospect Park in 2011.  In their recorded form, the Mr. Impossible tracks are just as full and exciting as they are live.  To celebrate the new album, Black Dice played their record release show at the Living Bread in Brooklyn.
Since the Living Bread is a deli, a slightly raised plywood stage was set up on one side of the room.  All of the amps and speakers had to be tied down with bungee cords and hooks to keep them from falling over during performances.  The show's location, the crowd, and the overall atmosphere of the night made for one of the more interesting show experiences we've had in a while.  Nevertheless, Black Dice performed another killer set of the Mr. Impossible songs.  There were two stoppages throughout the set:  one because an amp cover fell became loose and fell onto Aaron and the second occurred when the power on stage went out.  Regardless, the songs still sounded terrific, and the mediocre sound system actually helped lend the songs a little more griminess.  Enjoy!

Download the live recording HERE (password= twosails)

Set List:
1. Outer Body Drifter
2. Rodriguez
3. [Amp Cover Fell On Aaron]
4. Pigs
5. [Power's Off]
6. Pigs [continued]
7. Pinball Wizard
8. Brunswick Sludge (Meets Front Range Tripper)
9. Shithouse Drifter
10. Spy Vs. Spy
11. The Jacker

Outer Body Drifter:

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